Set Building and Waking Up Vehicles

With the show looming just around the corner, the team have been working hard on the last of the set building tasks. We’ve now been building in the pouring rain of winter and the blazing heat of summer! It’s tough going but will be well worth it in the end.

At the same time, we are ‘waking up’ a lot of the vintage vehicles after the off-season. The latest of these was this Austin K5 Gun Portee.

The damp floor of the garage hasn’t been kind to the canvas, but after some time in the sun, Rich set to with a brush and was able to get it looking nice again.

A huge task that was completed was clearing enough space for the Scania to be brought out and unloaded. This was the first vehicle to be loaded up with set pieces back in 2013, and has been well overdue for a clean-out. This did leave us with a lot of spare parts!

It was tiring work, but well worth it. The truck is due to take the Fox Armoured Car to Weymouth this weekend, so we were up against it to get it cleared.

Sorting out the piles of blast wall and huts took a long time, but this should give us enough ‘concrete’ to build a substantial gun emplacement.

What a job! now sorted and packed, protected from the elements, but almost ready to be loaded and taken to the show.

Our ‘Gibbs Motors’ sign is in progress. We had the letters specially laser cut in our show font. It was amazing to see them being formed! Doing them by hand would have taken a long time, but this method enabled us to give the sign a vintage look.


Finally, our big banner outside the showground is now up! Keep an eye out for it if you are driving past!


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