Monthly Archives: June 2014

4 Days to Go….

Where to begin? So much work has been going on behind the scenes to get the show ready. Here’s a few snippets… Paddy adds the RAF Roundels to the spitfire wings… In the background are some of the 250+ pegs we’ll be needing, all in DFVS yellow! Here’s a tiny portion of the massive amount […]

Load, load, load your boat…

With just a week to go, preparations are well underway. Yesterday we managed to get the Higgins boat loaded on its trailer, and found a small piece of Saving Private Ryan memorobilia underneath…

Set Building and Waking Up Vehicles

With the show looming just around the corner, the team have been working hard on the last of the set building tasks. We’ve now been building in the pouring rain of winter and the blazing heat of summer! It’s tough going but will be well worth it in the end. At the same time, we […]

Sabina Sews and Bear ‘Helps’

Sabina has been sewing like a woman possessed, to make a fresh batch of Land Army overalls for people attending the show, as well as bunting and headscarfs. Bear the kitten has been ‘helping’ in his own way… By climbing over everything, looking for a place to nap.

DFVS Roadshow at Portishead Carnival!

The DFVS team were flying the flag at Portishead Carnival today, a fantastic local event. The sun shone and we got hundreds of flyers handed out, before heading into Bristol and spreading the word about the show all over town! ‘Lady Wraxall’ graciously offered to help us out. Combined UK and USA forces in action. […]

4 weeks to go….

Less than a month left and the excitement is mounting. Sam, James and the team have been working all hours to get everything in place for the show. This includes ranges from promotion, sponsorship packages, health and safety documents, permits, all the way down to painting tent pegs! The vehicle maintenance team have a list […]

D-Day: 70th Anniversary

Please take a moment to remember those who, 70 years ago today, stormed the beaches of Normandy in France to take back Europe. The bravery of those men, not much older than boys, who attacked Hitler’s ‘Atlantic Wall’ head on, will never be forgotten.