Salvaging a Film Set

With our Crowdfunder Campaign in full swing, let’s take a look at what’s happening behind the scenes.

A few months back, James was asked to provide some suitable WW2 vehicles for an upcoming film. James being James, he managed to make friends and save much of the set from the recycling bin.

Now, agreeing to cart it away is one thing, but it took no less than 3 trips with vehicles including the faithful Scania, high top transit, the ubiquitous Sawmills truck along with a rather well loaded trailer!

The plan is to store the flat pack buildings over winter, along with the myriad of props and other useful items, then in the spring, bring them out and adapt/shape them into the stage for our show! The epic build has only just begun…

Here are a few photos:


A very early start to get on the road to London.


On site, showing the flat packed nature of the huts (Each component is very heavy!)

The Scania on location during trip 1, loaded up with both huts and ‘concrete’ blast walls for the artillery emplacements.

Back in London on trip 2, the truck and trailer are nearly ready to go…

… Arriving safe and sound back at base…

… then the rain came.

Trip 3 brought all manner of useful items. These roof trusses had to be cut in half to fit in the van!

Street furniture… They don’t make ’em like they used to… Along with railway station paraphernalia!

Part of the trip 3 contingent nearly ready for the ‘off’.

… but not before saving this extremely big and extremely cool backscene from the shredder…

This amazing prop should give some indication of what the film is about! Sadly it was not ours to take, maybe one day…

That which wouldn’t fit under cover is safely stowed under plastic to keep it dry. The Spring sort-out is going to be huge!



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